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Getting ready to send out your wedding invites? Moving to a brand new house or business premises? Sending away birthday party invitations for a surprise bash? Save time and hand cramps with creativerubberstamps’s fantastic selection of return address rubber stamps. Take the hassle out of addressing envelopes and save time with personalized return address stamps. A return address stamp is a rubber stamp which includes your come back address. This is a convenient way to add your return address to envelopes and packages. Return address stamps can be custom-made with your name, address, and other information. An ideal gift idea for newlyweds, those who’ve just moved into a new home, or even just as a delicacy for yourself, a custom, hand-lettered go back address stamp from Meant To Be Calligraphy will surely delight the recipient! It can be attached to envelopes, luggage tags, even book plates.



Street Address

City, State Zip Code

If you are sending a letter internationally, you will include your country’s postal code at risk below your city and state. For instance:


Street Address

City, State Zip Code

Country Postal Code

Return address stamp are custom-made address as an individual needs to put the address of some places in the stamp.  Readymade shapes are available for such stamps from where clients can select and get their preferred stamp decoration. Nearly every stamp manufacturers have their arrangement to make such customized and customized rubber stamps. Users can find both self inking and manual inking options for return address stamp. Generally, it is advisable using self inking silicone stamps in order to make an impression for return address than manual inking. The purpose of making an idea for return address includes large volume of stamping job and self applied inking rubber stamps will be the best options for this purpose.

Uses of Return Address Stamps:

Rubber stamps can be of many different types, and return address stamps are one of those types. Postal and parcel delivery companies will be the most potential client of such rubber stamps. Many offices and businesses are also using such rubber stamps to be able to print the impression of come back address. The usage of return address stamps are mostly seen in the business or commercial purpose than personal purpose uses. Even though, many people are also using such stamps in order to get back any undelivered parcel to their own address. Banks, financial organizations, educational and training institutes, and similar other organizations are also using returning address stamps.

Things You Must Consider Before INVESTING IN A Return Address Stamp:

Users can save their time of typing or writing return addresses on any document or parcel by using go back address stamps. The usage of such stamps with return address will reflect the professional approach of your business for their clients and partners. Users can chose their preferred style and size for gain address, while order ay such stamps for either professional or personal purpose use.  It is also suggested taking into consideration the following issues while anyone is going to buy a rubber stamp with the goal of making the impression of return address.

Users must select the shape, design, color and font with their return address stamps, which is similar with their business logo or monogram.

The impression must be clear and readable, so that any document or parcel can certainly be returned at the mentioned address.

It is also suggested using the logo or monogram of the business enterprise with return address stamp to make it more traditional and official.

Users must consider making at least two similar rubber stamps to be able to handle the situation when one return address stamp won’t work in the time of urgent delivery process.


Return address stamps are normal and regular office stationeries for numerous businesses and offices. Users must choice the most cost-effective and convenient rubber stamp to be able to print the impression of return address on the official documents.